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5 days ago · Games. Paper Mario: The Origami King is the sixth installment in the Paper Mario series, released on the Nintendo Switch worldwide on July 17, 2020. The game follows Mario opposing an evil army of origami characters known as Folded Soldiers, ruled by the... Paper Mario: The Origami King is a 2020 role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch console. It is the sixth game in the Paper Mario series , which is part of the larger Mario franchise . Join Mario and his new partner, Olivia, in a comedy-filled adventure to save Princess Peach and the Origami Kingdom from King Olly, a paper-crafted threat. Battle evil Folded Soldiers, repair the paper landscape, and enjoy the new ring-based battle system in this action-adventure game for Nintendo Switch. A full game walkthrough on Paper Mario The Origami King for Nintendo Switch. This covers the whole story, all streamers and bosses of the game. Time stamps ... Jul 17, 2020 · Join Mario and his new companion Olivia on a comedic adventure that will take you to the far corners of a papercraft world in Paper Mario: The Origami King on Nintendo Switch! Face off against the Origami King and his army of paper invaders, team up with some extraordinary companions and master magical powers on your quest to save the world.

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